Massive Brewery

The Massive Brewery
10 Litre, All-Grain, Stove-Top, Brew Kit

All the equipment and ingredients you need
to brew a case worth of your own Craft Pale Ale at home.

15 Litre Stock Pot, 16 Litre Fermenter, Immersion Chiller,
Hydrometer, Probe thermometer, Muslin Hop Bags,
Mash Cloth, Mash Spoon, Malt, Hops and Yeast.
(Does not include bottles or packaging equipment.)

99.99 +p&p
(Orders usually dispatched within 5 working days.)


Simple, Step by Step, Illustrated Instructions


I have been involved in the beer industry for over 14 years, working in the cellars, as well as managing, some of London's most iconic beer venues and brewing across the Capital.

I am currently a stay at home Dad and continue to be an avid home brewer. Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to brew commercially with several of Britain's most cutting edge craft breweries on top of being head brewer at a small brewpub in North London and most recently, Brewer, and later, Brewhouse Manager at Brew By Numbers in Bermondsey.

When I began home-brewing I encountered several frustrating obstacles.
Through trial and error, I eventually created a 10 litre kit that included a custom made immersion chiller and a cotton mash cloth that bridged the gap between the usual starter kits with hopped malt extract and the bigger, 25lt all-grain starter kits:

The Massive Brewery, 10 Litre, All-Grain, Stove-Top, Brew Kit

- Compact- packs down into a 14" Cube;
- Quick to reach boil on the stove;
- When full, the boil pot weighs just over 10kg;
- Custom made immersion chiller cools wort down quickly;
- Easy to clean reusable grain and hop bags;
- The vessels fit into most kitchen sinks for easy cleaning;
- Single purchase for equipment- only additional cost is ingredients for further brews;
- Ideally created for experimenting with recipes;
- Kit produces over a crate of beer per brew;
- The shorter brew day makes it more convenient to brew at any time and its compact size makes it easy to transport anywhere.

I sincerely hope you enjoy using the kits as much as I do!